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Introducing Mobilise

A marketplace where under-utilised items can be rented safely and securely. Businesses and individuals can generate income from idle assets by renting them to others who are seeking temporary access to quality items at lower cost.

Mobilise will provide better value and easy access to the widest range of professional items.

A Trusted Marketplace

Mobilise provides the safest possible way to generate revenue from idle assets. We use PeerPass® to verify renters and reduce risk, manage payments and rental processes and provide insurance for extra protection.

Developed by a Leader in the Sharing Economy

Mobilise is developed by Collaborate Corporation Limited (ASX:CL8), a publicly listed company which is a leader in the sharing economy. Collaborate owns peer-to-peer companies disrupting the car rental and holiday accommodation markets, DriveMyCar and MyCaravan and has developed the PeerPass® verification platform

Supported by a Global Leader in Risk Management

Mobilise will launch in association with Aon, a leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage services. Under the relationship, Aon will promote Mobilise to its 50,000 strong network of business clients to provide them with an effective way to monetise idle assets and also gain temporary access to assets to grow their businesses. Aon will also source insurance solutions to provide coverage for assets whilst on rental from its panel of insurance providers.

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